During culture crawl, we host a new Emerging Student Artist from Western Montana high schools. We aim to give upcoming, young artists the exposure they deserve as well as the encouragement to keep using their talents in the professional artistry.


Molly Kendall
Florence, MT High School sophomore


Self Portrait of One Hundred Shapes

Molly Kendall

“During my freshman year of high school, my art teacher Mr. McBride assigned my creative art class to make a self portrait with one hundred shapes. It could be squares, triangles or circles. I chose circles, this mostly because Mr. McBride had inspired me with his work. I was also not a huge fan of triangles and squares in portraits that I had done. I also colored it similarly to Mr. McBride’s. He has been a huge inspiration to me for ideas. It took a month to complete.  I was very happy with the outcome.

In my sophomore year, we had a choice of projects in art class that included a self-portrait. One portrait was done in brown and dark blue and it was featured in the school newspaper and declared “Monet of the Month”

I don’t know why but I like making self-portraits, maybe because it helps me connect with myself and cope with my insecurities, as making art often does for me.”