Culture Crawl Featured Artist

Jerry Abbie


Early Light on Trapper Peaks - Jerry Abbie


Jack Fenced Homestead - Jerry Abbie



Artist Statement


Jerry Abbie  was born and raised in Yellowstone park where he was influenced by the beautiful scenery.  He has exhibited for well over 50 years and has original paintings in almost every state and many foreign countries.  A 36 year career as a commercial artist, in Billings, working with ad layouts and a cartoonist for HS and college papers plus developing a special following with his "Stanley the Steer" cartoon series. 

He prefers painting landscapes with flat brushes over rounds and wants his oils to look more like a painting than a photograph. Jerry was chosen to paint some of the murals for the Montana exhibit of the New York World's Fair, which was mounted on the railroad cars traveling across the country allowing them to be shown throughout.




Hidden Valley - Jerry Abbie


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