Culture Crawl Featured Artwork of the Month

SIlk Painters Guild Of Montana


Dream Catcher For Mother - Lisa Archer Silks

Silk Painting


With Hand Painted Silk Wall Hangings and wearable art from

Lisa Archer Silks

Christy Lynn Greene

Ruth Schwartz McDonald

Diane Olhoeft

Susan Hansen

Helen Paulette Donvan

Emily Lauchnor

Sunrise - Lisa Archer Silks

Silk Shoulder Caplet & Silk Scarf


Tipped In Pink - Diane Olhoeft

Silk Painting

The One Night Stand of the Night Blooming Cereus - Diane Olhoeft

Silk Painting


The guild was formed in 2017 as a chapter of Silk Painters International. SPIN is an international organization of silk artists, painters, practitioners and educators.


Preening Heron - Christy Lynn Greene

Silk Painting


Cosmic Trout - Christy Lynn Greene

Silk Painting


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