Culture Crawl Featured Artist

Bob Phinney


Looking Glass Barn - Bob Phinney


Bob creates paintings that feel both nostalgic, and delightfully purposeful. Each piece is a vivid telling of nature's colorful and wild story. His watercolor and oil painting techniques are simple, yet incredibly precise and his use of spontaneity makes each piece feel alive and real. Bob's color usage is anything but shy, including a mix of realistic and dreamy tones of fresh flowing grass, rushing streams, and old rustic cabins.

Artist StatemenT


"I love to draw and paint in nature. Here are the moments of quiet and subtle rhythms that speak of a great order and a great wisdom that connects us to our world and to each other.
If I can create the harmony that I observe in nature, not by rote, but through intuition and the abstraction of pattern, then I feel that I might paint something universal and worth expressing."



Ennis Afternoon - Bob Phinney

Lower Spring Creek Bridge - Bob Phinney


Lolo Breezes - Bob Phinney


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