Culture Crawl Featured Artist Of The Month

Outrageous Men

by Michelle Golda Pace


Sal - Michelle Pace

Stefan   - Michelle Pace

Stefan - Michelle Pace


Michelle's paintings are a vivid entry to an exciting world of raw color and personality. Each outrageous woman pops out with high contrast and depth, while retaining clean, well defined edges more often seen in pop-art and sketching. Expressive as they are, each piece finds its individuality by enticing emotion of the viewer, leaving a trace of curiosity to know just who this woman really is. These ladies have plenty of empowered self-esteem and charisma to go around.

Collaborative Art by Barbara Liss & Michelle Pace

Outrageous One - Concrete Sculpture by Barbara Liss
Caleb - Acrylic Painting by Michelle Pace

Outrageous Too - Concrete Sculpture by Barbara Liss
Gavin - Acrylic Painting by Michelle Pace

Outrageous Men features collaborative acrylic paintings and concrete sculptures by Michelle Pace and Barbara Liss.
Above are Barbara’s sculpted renditions of some of Michelle’s paintings!



Artist Statement


"While a puzzle can be fun and a search for hidden meaning challenging, I prefer a twist on the familiar that conjures up a warmth and a smile. I love the "imperfections" that make us each unique and interesting and I show the beauty of our individuality with all our quirks and personalities. What is the "point" of my art? To allow viewers to find familiarity to the people and places in their lives that brought them joy, that helped them through, that shaped them into who they are. To show that "perfection" is boring, and to revel in their individuality."


Artwork from Last July’s Culture Crawl

Outrageous Women

Melinda - Michelle Pace

Jinna - Michelle Pace

Millie - Michelle Pace

Morning After - Michelle Pace

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