Culture Crawl Featured Artwork of the Month

From Sand to Glass | From Sand to Concrete
A Collaborative Art Show Featuring

Patty Franklin & Barbara Liss


See You at Market (Going to Market Series)

Sculpture by Barbara Liss | Mosaic by Patty Franklin
Ceramic Vessel by Sean Tribble



From Sand to Glass
Patty Franklin


After traveling the country, Patty Franklin now calls the Bitterroot Valley home. She is classically trained by the masters of Italy and, has adapted these ancient techniques to produce her distinct and highly collectible style of contemporary fine art mosaics. Her work is represented in galleries throughout the US and she has been featured in American Art Collector Magazine.



From Sand to Concrete
Barbara Liss


Barbara Liss’ fascination with the challenges of concrete as a medium of expression results in a collection of personalities - faces which are immortalized as an art form. Making them even more unique by collaborating with mosaic artist Patty Franklin



Elvis - Patty Franklin


Tutti - Patty Franklin



This art will be displayed until May 6th, 2019.

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