Blown & Etched Glass by Lisa Tate


“Glass has transformed me in ways which are difficult to describe with words. I strive for meaning in my work, to convey a bit of myself to the viewer while also allowing them to draw their own conclusions.”


Cameo Glass Bowl

Designed, Blown, and Etched by Lisa Tate

Artist Statement

Lisa Tate is a nationally recognized glass artist. She has studied glass blowing and engraving at the Bay Area Glass Institute in San Francisco, Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle, and Corning Studio in Corning, New York.

Lisa specializes in a rare technique called cameo glass. Cameo glass is an ancient art of blowing multiple layers of color in glass, then cutting through the layers to reveal a design. This technique became popular in the Roman Empire about 50 B.C. Cameo glass was also heavily used by Islamic engravers in the 10th century. Her work is collected throughout the United States and the Middle East and is currently in two permanent museum collections. This rare form of glass combines three major disciplines: glass blowing, designing, and engraving.

Blown Glass Globes

Designed and Blown by Lisa Tate