Machine Art By Lee Kierig


“I am self-taught in the application of media choices; graphite, watercolor, acrylic, clay and metal. Being mechanically inclined as well, I have always been intrigued by a machine aesthetic that is being integrated into my artistic expressions. The sculptures you see in the gallery mark my desire for free expression unencumbered by practical utility that drives architecture more than its balancing component. These pieces are manifestations of explorations into organic expression - organism - derived from machine components. All components are mechanically attached in their traditional spirit- there is no glue, welding or 'stickum' of any kind. Moreover, the components are all functionally interdependent.”

-Lee Kierig


Hand made copper wire birds.


The base, made from a car’s rear differential. The planetary gears rotate the entire sculpture.

2 Inna Bush

Machine Aesthetic Sculpture by Lee Kierig
All pieces mechanically bound with no glue or welding.