Dulcie Belanger - Carrying Ourselves

Dulcie Belanger - Bison Abundance Juju Bowl

Dulcie Belanger - Oh, The Cleverness Of You

The Messenger

Clay Sculpture by Dulcie Belanger


To what animal do you feel the strongest affinity? 

I love asking people this question, curious about what others find in the animal kingdom that supports themselves as a human being. Jane Goodall calls humans “the most intellectual creature that has ever walked on the planet earth”.  Does this intellect sometimes exhaust us and derail us from our true purpose?  Do we long for the freedom we imagine in animals existing in the quiet wild? 

Sy Montgomery in her book How to Be A Good Creature, takes the reader on a journey through her own interactions and relationships with different animals.  She shares what each animal, over a period that she spends with them, has taught her about herself as a human being.  

If we all look more closely to the animals we are attracted to, will we learn more about ourselves?  Can we see ourselves in their behavior?   I believe many of us long for a connection to the world that surrounds us. I think we look to the wild and all that exists there for a reflection of ourselves and our purpose.

I have always loved clay.  As I hand build my sculptures, my mind fills with stories and I find myself exploring my own relationship with the wild world, wondering about my own purpose and the support I receive from all that is alive around me.