Handmade Dolls by Carol Fah


"These fine, handcrafted cloth dolls are created one at a time from my original designs. Each detail is carefully considered from the choice of fabrics to the final embellishment. Each doll develops its own unique personality even if the styles are the same. This makes each doll an original, signed work of art. The companion you choose may be a friend, a comfort or a muse; provide a smile when one is needed, or warm your soul at the right moment. Whatever role your companion fulfills, you will not regret your choice."
-Carol Fah



Hand crafted original cloth doll. Mariposa is the spirit of butterflies as shown by her colorful wings.


Hand crafted and original cloth doll inspired by an old pioneer doll named Spin Jenny.

(Sabrina's stand can spin a full 360 degrees)


Crayon Fairy

Hand crafted original cloth doll. Let her inspire you and fill you with positivity and encouragement.